There is a renaissance underway in rethinking the delivery of higher education. Facility master plans must support the way our current and future students live and learn. Key redesign drivers include innovation, sustainability, and safety. Refreshing aging areas such as classrooms, dorms, and sports facilities remain a top priority in higher education master plan handbooks.

Connor Fine Painting (CFP) takes pride in our long list of relationships with Indiana higher education administrators and facility professionals charged with this task. They trust us to safely and responsibly bring new life to aging facilities and to maintain their state-of-the-art facility investments.

Case in point: CFP recently refreshed a four-story staircase connecting the parking garage to the new learning resource center for Ivy Tech Community College. A combination of factors left it beaten up pretty badly. A beautiful glass enclosure made the area vulnerable to bright sunlight, heat and cold, and exceptionally high foot traffic had ground down the surface—a forewarning of potential safety concerns.

To ensure a successful outcome, project manager Brandon Whitehouse worked with coatings experts to use the best paint and sealing products available which guarantee a safe and beautiful surface for this showcase stairwell and will last for years to come. Our pictures tell a great story of a successful project.

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