Connor Painting: A Commitment to Safety

A freshly painted facility is a beautiful way to add value to your brand and to avoid costly surface and structural repairs down the line. But if the painting contractor you choose lacks an established safety culture, you might find yourself exposed to far more than peeling paint.

At Connor Painting, we’ve made safety a core value. We truly care about the health, safety, and wellbeing of our customers and our employees. This is why we are so deeply committed to job site safety protocols on every painting project we complete.

Many of our customers consider safety a vital part of their business standards, much like our manufacturing, health services or construction industry clients. Safe business practices are at the forefront of how they do business.

We’re inspired by the ideals of our clients and that’s why they are a model for our own work safety standards. This is how value creation and meaningful change happens and spreads. We now share our own award-winning Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) Certified program and culture with ALL of our customers.

Every Connor Painting employee meets weekly for safety protocol updates and training, including experiential sessions on ladder and lift training, respirator fit testing, pulmonary function testing, CPR, and first aid. All are critical to ensuring safety on your painting project from start to finish. Project leads monitor for potential safety issues daily. Connor also participates in a comprehensive CCS substance abuse program which includes random drug screenings and background checks.

Connor Is Known as the Expert in Safe Commercial Painting

Connor Painting has won numerous awards for our dedication to a safe work site, including multiple “Zero Injury Awards” from CCS. Implementing the practices of a safe work environment are not without investment. Each year we incur significant costs to achieve the quality standards we believe our clients expect, and we know it’s worth it, without question, to deliver the best for our employees, and for our customers. This investment is priceless if it can prevent even one small accident on your painting project.

Customers Notice the Connor Safety Difference

Customers know that an organization focused on excellence in safety is dedicated to quality in every regard. Connor’s commercial and industrial craftsmen fit hand-in-glove with blue-chip companies because of our shared safety values. Blue-chip or not, all Connor Painting customers benefit from our safety mindset. Connor has continually strived to exceed industry and personal safety standards over the years. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to a mission of safety excellence.

Hiring professional painters like Connor for your project just makes good sense for safety and the quality of work, saving you time and headaches down the road. It’s our commitment to you that we’ll always put your concerns first. The wellbeing of your employees and your facilities is important to you, so you can rest assured it will always be important to us.

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