Streamline annual facility maintenance by saving time and money.

If your facility requires medium- to large-scale painting maintenance annually, then the Connor Painting program may be right for you. Our preferred partner program is the most efficient way to schedule and maintain annual painting maintenance. A facility paint expert will meet with you to customize your service schedule to give us the opportunity to learn about your business. 

Then we can develop a strategy specifically for you. Creating a custom plan, paint and coating for your company is absolutely free. In fact, this method of starting with expectations and aligning action has proven to cut significant stress, waste, time, money and resources.

The benefits of the CFP Preferred Partner Program:

  • Free expert painting consultation
  • Customized maintenance program tailored to your needs and budget
  • Scheduling preferences that cut downtime in half (nights and weekends available)
  • 15%-35% savings on painting projects
  • Satisfaction guarantee on all paint
  • Compliance and facility regulations approval

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation or learn more about the preferred partner program.

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