Like any career, commercial painting requires a set of skills that are best learned on the job. Great painters are created by building a strong foundation with a company committed to its workers and their professional growth.

But, does such a thing exist? 

Hiring Practices

For painters, being able to contribute and grow in the industry starts with how a commercial painting company approaches hiring. Being a direct hire offers a number of benefits and opportunities for career advancement without having to change companies.

On the other hand, subcontractors and day laborers don’t offer the same level of accountability as company hires.

Yes, Pay and Benefits Matter

A living wage is more important than ever before. Commercial painting companies can make themselves more attractive by offering great wages, health insurance, paid time off, and retirement savings programs.

Not only that, new employees can come in and collaborate with management. An open dialogue can improve processes and outcomes. Masterpieces are created when everyone works together.

Growing Together

Career development opportunities should be a part of any job, no matter the industry. By offering employees reasons to stay, commercial painting companies can ensure they have the best and brightest on their team. 

Painters should be paid for all training related to their jobs. Commercial painting companies should be ready to cover the costs for:

  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Safe ladder climbing and fall protection
  • Hazard communication
  • Hazardous materials and environments
  • CPR Certification
  • Aerial Lift Certification

It is very much worth the time and investment to prevent even one small accident at a painting project site.

Turning a Painting Job Into a Career

The commercial painting industry can be a great place to grow a job into a career. Direct hires can learn from their co-workers, some of whom have decades of knowledge to pass along. 

This is also where professional development can happen. Training opportunities must be available at every level. Building a foundation of knowledge makes everyone better at their respective roles.

Who Is a Good Commercial Painting Job Candidate?

Good candidates should have reliable transportation and an eye for detail. They should be organized, have good communication skills, and be ready to work as a team. They should also be physically fit and able to handle the demands of the job. Finally, they should be able to take direction and have a desire to take part in professional development opportunities.

Work With the Best – Paint for Connor

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