“There are no extraordinary men… just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary men are forced to deal with.”

– Admiral William Halsey

Connor Painting - COVID care pack

While the good Admiral would have included women in this thought, were he alive today, we think the sentiment remains the same. If there were any time that would be considered extraordinary, it would be now—and we are ordinary people forced to adapt to our current surroundings. 

Safety is our top priority at Connor Fine Painting. We take extraordinary measures to keep our employees safe. As essential workers, we’re committed to keeping facilities and equipment clean and protected with paint and coatings while following stringent safety protocols. 

While I never would have thought I would be adding “hand sanitizer production” to my CV, my new normal is spending weekends and evenings creating batches of hand sanitizer as a measure of last resort.

When we realized that we were perilously low on hand sanitizer for our employees, we took matters into our own (clean) hands. After extensive research, we started producing it ourselves and producing small batches using a tried-and-tested recipe while following FDA safety guidelines. The FDA emphasizes three essential points including having a sanitary environment for production, getting the proportions right, and labeling the packaging properly. 

In an effort to help others, we also began distributing the hand sanitizer to our clients and colleagues. We had a lot of inquiries as to how we made it, *(see the picture for details) and we wanted to share the recipe we’re using in case you’d like to try making some as well in this extraordinary time of need.
*It’s important that you follow all FDA guidelines to ensure proper safety.

We hope you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe! Feel free to message me if you want the complete recipe and protocols to create your own!

In need of maintenance painting for your facilities and equipment? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a remote estimate — the ultimate social distancing tool for facility and operations professionals.