High Performance Flooring Solutions

Epoxy flooring is a cutting-edge solution that has revolutionized the way we think about flooring. With its seamless, high-performance characteristics, and ability to withstand the rigors of daily use, resinous flooring has become a cornerstone of modern design and functionality.

Applications for Your Industry

Whether you’re implementing safety features in your industrial facility, or looking to reduce maintenance costs, Connor Floor Coatings offers versatile epoxy solutions that blend style with substance.

Whether you’re seeking a sleek and durable surface for your industrial facility, an easy-to-maintain solution for your commercial space, or are looking to create a safe, well-marked working environment, epoxy flooring solutions from Connor Painting offer a versatile solution that blends style with substance.



Breathe new life into surfaces with our innovative suite of specialized flooring services designed to optimize and enhance your space: Resinous Flooring, Concrete Polishing & Staining, Floor Marking and Line Striping, Expansion and Joint Control.

Opt for a lasting, cost-effective solution for durability, safety, cleanliness, and aesthetics Endure impacts and pressures in manufacturing and warehouses. Shield against substances and resist spills with chemical resistance. Thwart bacteria and mold growth with non-porous polyurethane resin floors.


Polished concrete
Beautiful, durable, eco-friendly, low-maintenance flooring with customizable aesthetics. Ideal for large retail warehouses, it ensures dust-proofing and boosts light reflectivity by up to 30%.
Stained concrete
Trusted for its durability and versatility in commercial spaces, applicable to new and old surfaces.
Deep, long-lasting color penetration that won’t fade, chip, peel, or wear.
Offers a range of custom colors and finishes for a professional, appealing environment.


Enhance storage efficiency with clear area designations.
Ensure safety by marking pedestrian routes, forklift aisles, and restricted zones.
Reinforce quality initiatives in a safe, efficient, OSHA compliant workspace.


Avoid safety hazards, unsanitary conditions, and expensive damages by staying up to date with regular expansion & joint control inspection and maintenance in your construction, warehousing, logistics, or manufacturing facility. Trust our team of experts to provide a thorough inspection and solutions to bring your surfaces up to par.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Discover our range of heavy-duty, impact-resistant, ad slip-resistant seamless flooring options, ready to meet the rigorous demands of industrial production, manufacturing and warehousing.

Government & Public Sector

We offer long-lasting, easy-to-maintain resinous flooring solutions for government environments including correctional facilities, libraries, fire stations, military buildings, and more.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Stay clean and compliant with our seamless, non-slip resin floors that comply with strict healthcare industry standards and are
specifically designed for hospitals, operating rooms, veterinary facilities, and laboratories.

Education & Culture

Our seamless, slip-resistant and hygienic resinous flooring solutions are an ideal design choice for child-care facilities, schools, colleges, universities and museums

Food & Beverage

Explore our food-safe, non-slip, and anti-microbial flooring options designed with rigorous food and beverage industry standards top of mind.

Retail & Commercial

We offer hard-wearing, seamless resin flooring solutions in a wide variety of contemporary finishes, perfect for hotels, commercial office space and retail developments.

Sports Venues

Our epoxy flooring solutions are widely used for sports venues, stadiums and facilities; whether it’s new construction or a renovated facility. From professional sports arenas down through college and high school sporting complexes, our durable, slip free floors are essential, from a safety-perspective, for locker rooms, shower floors, pool houses and restrooms.