Kids can be messy sometimes. So, when an Indianapolis Township school called with a need to address the wear and tear on the walls and ceiling of one of their school cafeterias, they knew who to call. The job needed creative maintenance painting options to maximize the longevity of their investment and to beautify the space. There was one key requirement: a 12-hour turnaround. They knew who to call; Connor Fine Painting (CFP) was able to help with creative solutions, professionalism, quality, and integrity second to none in the maintenance painting business.

Learn how we tackled this job for maximum safety and efficiency below.

Importance of Safety

In the manufacturing sector, high-value assets might be conveyor systems or machinery. In the education sector, a school’s greatest assets are its students, teachers, administrators and the school facility itself. It needs to be a place that encourages learning and a building where students and teachers can thrive and feel safe.

In the case of the elementary school’s cafeteria, there was enough urgency to remedy the space that waiting for a school break wasn’t possible. The refresh needed to be completed and available the very next day so that lunch could be served.

Whenever there’s food involved, there needs to be a careful consideration of the materials being utilized. Paints and primers with zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) are much safer than conventional paint. According to the EPA, VOCs can have adverse short- and long-term health effects. The choice to use zero VOC materials was the answer to the safety concern, given the cafeteria.

But students need more than food safety! It’s crucial that any workers in a school environment are reliable, trustworthy, and conscientious of their surroundings. Part of CFP’s commitment to our safety culture includes background checks and ongoing drug testing for every employee. We ensure that our team is respectful of our clients and their spaces.

Maintenance Painting for Schools

“Most comprehensive maintenance painting in this school system is done on a regularly-scheduled remodel cycle, but if a Ketchup packet explodes and hits the ceiling panels, you can bet we’ll be back for emergency services ASAP,” says Nathan Connor, CFP sales and project manager. “Our 30 year+ relationship with them is a testament to CFP’s impressive client list with long-term maintenance painting relationships.”

As a solution to intensive wear and tear, instead of fabric, vinyl, or a paint covering, our CFP professional painters used fiberglass reinforced panel systems, which are often used in high-traffic areas. That way, if a food fight breaks out, cleanup is easy and won’t require the school to further invest in a complete cafeteria repaint.

A facility director for a township school system has enough things to worry about. They don’t need the additional concern for work quality or the character of workers on school grounds. Not only can CFP offer schools outstanding workmanship and thoroughly vetted painters, we can also help satisfy any diversity supplier requirements as a WBE and MBE company.

Connor Fine Painting works with multiple city and township school systems, but we’re always looking to partner with schools to create and maintain a clean, safe, and beautiful environment for learning.

CFP has exceptional repeat and referral ratings as a result of the level of trust we have earned working in high-asset environments like schools. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization with its maintenance painting needs.