When I was young, my entire family trembled when an appliance went on the fritz. There was never enough money to set aside for a costly repair or replacement. We were in reaction mode all the time. That sort of training is hard to get over. But once you’re in a position to realize the enormous savings of getting ahead of a costly problem, you never go back. 

After years in the world of maintenance painting, I’ve seen the look of fear (more like terror) on the faces of owners, property & facility managers who waited too long to pull the trigger on maintenance. 

Waited Too Long

Like the time a multinational food service facility had to shut down because peeling paint started falling on the production line. Or the time several tanks had to be taken out of service because they were leaking — they had rusted clean through.

Spent Too Much

These examples may seem extreme, but an exorbitant amount of money is spent on correcting everyday maintenance painting problems that have gone too far. What might have been a simple task of caulking open mortar joints to prevent water from doing damage inside a wall, turns into a ridiculous expense to replace and paint masonry and drywall.

Fear of the Unknown Costs More

You may be hesitating on pulling the trigger on maintenance painting due to COVID and the uncertainty of the future. Unfortunately, it’s going to cost, one way or the other. Only the other will cost you double or more. In 1736, Benjamin Franklin said to the people of Philadelphia, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It was true then and still holds true to this day.

Waiting for….?

You may be planning for maintenance painting in 2021 but are waiting for (fill in the blank). If you have a need and a budget, don’t wait. It’s another banner year for construction and demand is exceeding supply. If your property already needs attention, tacking on several months to get on the schedule is another frustration and potential expense.

If you want to chat about some simple maintenance steps you can take to avoid making it onto our list of scary painting stories, connect with me on LinkedIn or call me at 317-423-0000. 

Happy spring everyone!

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