At Connor Fine Painting (CFP) project managers and co-workers use words like positive, energetic, cooperative, and willing to help to describe Travis Jenkins. It seems that one of Indy’s largest innovators in hi-tech manufacturing agrees.

CFP provides year-round professional painters for our largest commercial and industrial painting customers. Travis Jenkins, a six year CFP employee, works daily for one such customer who recently surprised him with their “Champ” award. According to the facility supervisor, the award “recognizes people that go above and beyond what their normal scope of work is.” Employees and managers alike recognized that Travis routinely goes above and beyond his painting duties. “He is always very helpful and goes out of his way to help folks.” This is an extra special recognition since the award typically is given to their own employees and not to contracted help. It just goes to show how naturally personable and caring Travis is.

An Indianapolis native, Travis is married to Pamela, has two sons, Cody and Travis Jr. He also has two beautiful grandkids and is pictured with grandson Gavin. It would be an understatement to say Travis likes to fish and we would bet that fireman Gavin is learning a thing or two about fishing.

Connor Fine Painting wishes to thank Travis for his outstanding attitude and for the way he positively represents our company.