How many people do you know who can seamlessly duplicate an existing pickled-oak finish with a multi-toned speckling pattern?

That’s what we thought.

Fine painting and finishing work requires a keen eye, a steady hand & plenty of first-hand experience.  When owners and property managers of the most prestigious addresses throughout Central Indiana have fine finishing and painting needs, they ask specifically for Connor Fine Painting (CFP) employee Kent Smith.

Kent has been delivering top-notch painting projects to CFP customers for 25 years. His tireless passion for top-quality craftsmanship coupled with his genuine commitment to customer service has endeared Kent with our clientele. They know they can trust Kent. And that’s a feeling shared by co-workers, family and friends too. As elder statesman, mentor, and top old dog, Kent’s inherent drive for continuous improvement has significantly influenced CFP’s culture of excellence.

When asked, “What’s kept you motivated to continue learning and advancing yourself all these years?” Without so much as a second thought, Kent quickly gives us a one-word answer. “Family.”

Kent was born in Indianapolis and raised in Southport. Kent has been married to Pam, his childhood sweetheart, for 33 years. They are especially proud of their three children, Nick, Dustin, and Kaysi along with his 3 “grandbabies,” Nakiya – 8 years old, Kendall – 5, and Melonica – 2.  Kent and Pam are ecstatic to welcome their 4th grandchild in August, 2015.

Kent credits Connor Fine Painting’s president, Bob Connor, with “striving for a different kind of painting company.  A company focused around people, rather than profits.  A company that truly cares.”  According to Kent,  “if you are a painter in the greater Indianapolis market, there is no better place than Connor Fine Painting to go to work.”

We are so grateful & fortunate to have Kent Smith as a part of our team.  Who knows? Maybe in another 25 years, we will be reflecting back on 50 years of Kent’s laundry list of accomplishments & invaluable contributions to Connor Fine Painting.