Have you ever sat at a stoplight and let your eyes wander to things you’re normally too busy or too focused to notice? Have you ever noticed stoplight posts or poles that looked especially grungy and as if their best days were behind them? Recently, Connor Fine Painting was commissioned by Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL) to restore and revamp some similar electrical poles specifically for this reason.   

Having a long history with IPL, Connor Fine Painting has been chosen as IPL’s premier maintenance painting company for a variety of projects. Why? It’s simple. They want a good night’s sleep and can rest assured knowing that we are as radically committed to safety as they are. They are very familiar with our credentials and the quality of service we provide. In the past, we’ve taken on the task of restoring some poles that were installed in the late 1940’s through the 1950’s. Talk about a challenge! Our most recent restoration painting project was focused on 2 poles installed in the 1990’s, relative babies in comparison.  

A lot goes into painting electrical poles, far more than you would imagine. These two poles are located on the Butler University campus at 52nd St. and Boulevard. and 49th St. and Boulevard (in case you want to see our handy-work in person). To ensure our long-time painter David Marvin’s safety, the poles first had to be de-energized before he could proceed. This means portions of the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood were rerouted with alternate power supply and the poles had no electricity running through them for days. At Connor Fine Painting, we take all of the standard safety protocols and procedures seriously, putting them into place long before we begin the multi-step painting job. We must secure the perimeter to ensure our painter’s safety, as well as the neighboring homes and people in the area.  

After all areas were secured, David had to use a portable lift, while harnessed, to begin the arduous task of scraping nearly 30 years of paint and sealant from these hefty poles. David has worked with Connor Fine Painting for 4 years, so he’s a painter who knows what he’s doing. After the tedious task of scraping was complete, he then had to “wipe down” each pole with denatured alcohol. Think of this as an industrial strength cleaner for heavy duty projects. This means we’ve taken as much debris as possible off of the “canvas”, ensuring the longest possible life for our painted project. 

Once that was completed, he applied a full coat of 2-component Amerlock Sealer, which contains epoxy, to further guarantee our finished product will hold true and last for years to come. Once this coat was completed and dried, he then proceeded with the top coat of Anodic S/P. This dries very thick, meaning it’s the most durable industrial strength paint and can weather all the elements for the longest amount of time.  These types of paints aren’t something you would pick up from your neighborhood hardware store for a quick weekend project! The quality and strength of these products make the finished product an improvement to the neighborhood.  

The next time you’re stopped at a stoplight, look around and notice the electrical poles and how much time and effort go into creating an effortless look that will last for decades. 

At Connor Fine Painting, we offer maintenance painting services beyond revamping your neighborhood’s electrical poles. We aren’t your typical painting contractor. We go to great lengths to earn the trust of our customers by providing a top-quality painting job, safely and on time.

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