This month, we’re excited to introduce a new employee spotlight series so you can get to know the culture and people at Connor Fine Painting (CFP). Gail Wood is our Office Manager and has been a part of our work family for nearly 3 years. She came to us after a variety of experiences in the manufacturing, life insurance, and retail industries. As someone who is detail-oriented, organized, and flexible, Gail has been a perfect fit for our front-end operations. She took some time to sit down with us and tell us about what drives her.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked for several family-owned businesses in various customer service positions. I like the atmosphere in these businesses where employees are valued and feel like a true part of the team.  

When I came to Connor Fine Painting almost three years ago, I was looking to find my place with a “work family”. After seeing the great working relationship Janmarie and Bob have and the dynamic this creates throughout the company, I knew I found the right place to call “home”.

Janmarie and Bob have fostered an environment based on hard work, compassion and professionalism. They genuinely care about their employees, and everyone is treated with the utmost respect. A great deal of emphasis is placed on safety and training for our painters. By leading with ethics, they’ve laid the foundation for an organization that focuses on developing long-lasting relationships, whether that be with staff, clients or partners. As a result, the employees feel empowered in their jobs and value the work they do.

As the Office Manager, I’m able to see the business from many different angles. From bookkeeping, payroll, HR, CRM management, marketing and anything else that might pop up, every day is different. With these responsibilities, it’s important to be detail-oriented.  My background in manufacturing, insurance and retail have all played a part in helping me develop skills to tackle everyday tasks and challenges. As the old saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life”. Variety is what makes my job fun and fulfilling.

During my career, I’ve learned two key lessons for success:

  1. Be prepared for anything! Things change and it’s important to adapt quickly while being open to learning something new.
  2. To be ready for change, be prepared and think ahead. When you are faced with a new challenge, ask yourself what you could possibly need to tackle situations that might arise. What can I contribute to this situation? Whether it’s asking the right questions or just observing, you can develop new skills to help the company grow and change.

These lessons always help when I’m encountering something new or faced with a challenge. By being open to change I’m able to approach new situations with a fresh and proactive perspective.

I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband, Dave. Together, we have an incredible blended family of 5 grown children, their spouses and 11 grandchildren. One of life’s greatest treasures is the opportunity to spoil those grandchildren…just don’t tell their parents!

I’m very happy to say I love my job with Connor Fine Painting and my work family. It’s a pleasure being a part of such a family-oriented and caring work environment.