In our second installment of getting to know the people behind the paint, we’d like to introduce our Business Development Manager, Aidan Connor.

Even though I haven’t been on the Connor Fine Painting team for very long, I have been familiar with the business for a long time. As a high school and college student, I painted for Connor during summer vacation and on winter breaks. I’ve seen my fair share of maintenance painting projects up close. Throughout the years, I’ve watched my family run and lead a successful business, and I’ve always been inspired by my dad developing and building a company from nothing. When I was presented with the opportunity to work for the family business earlier this year, I was excited to take on this new position. Every day, I’m learning more of the ins and outs and am excited to help the business grow.

As a Business Development Manager, I live by the motto: “If you want to play the game, you must be a student of it.” I strive to learn and know as much as I can about my job, our company, and our market so I can be well equipped and confident in generating sales for CFP and being a helpful resource for prospective customers. This position is a natural fit for me. I enjoy discussing with facility and property managers their maintenance painting challenges and needs. When I take the time to ensure that our services are a truly good fit for both the client and us, I know I’ve done my job and I’ve done it well.

One of the best things about Connor Fine Painting is that leadership genuinely respects and cares about our employees. I’ve never seen this so consistently demonstrated in other organizations I’ve worked for, and it inspires me. This attitude of appreciation and respect extends to our customers as well. I try to incorporate these basic principles into my family life with my partner, Olivia and my son, Jude. As the mantra says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If I can focus on these ideals, then I know I can make a difference at home and at the office.

As for the future, I see big things happening for our company and I’m excited to be a part of it. On a personal note, I can’t wait to get back to trying new restaurants in Indy and hopefully making that bucket list trip to Ireland a reality. Until then, you’ll find me fishing with my brother, Nathan and playing golf with my family in my free time.  And enjoying life to the best of my ability. I’m thankful for this opportunity and for the new challenges to come.