The Connor Fine Painting safety culture

On Wednesday, May 2,  Connor Fine Painting was honored with the Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) Zero Injury Award. The award is given to CCS Safety Certified organizations whose employees have not suffered a work-related injury for the entire calendar year. Connor Fine Painting president, Janmarie Connor, and the entire CFP organization consider this to be the greatest recognition we can receive.

“The Zero Injury Award is 100% focused on the safety and wellbeing of our painting professionals. Safety is at the heart of everything we do. More than anything, a culture of safety drives down accidents. At Connor Fine Painting, attention to wellbeing doesn’t stop with our employees. When we take extra measures to ensure safety, everyone wins—our employees, their families, our customers and even our community benefits. As a small business, this is a significant financial investment on our part and one that other commercial painting contractors may be unable or unwilling to make. Using what could be production time in the field for safety training is worth its weight in gold if it can prevent even one small accident.”

Connor Fine Painting professionals meet rigorous safety goals

Becoming a safety certified organization with CCS has helped CFP in meeting our zero-injury goal. CCS helped Connor develop a systematic and rigorous approach to safety which includes safety auditing and training as it’s cornerstone. Every week begins with a mandatory, all employee, Monday Morning safety training meeting. CFP uses the meeting to conduct training such as ladder and lift training, respirator fit testing, pulmonary function testing, CPR, and first aid, to name a few. Additionally, Connor participates in the CCS substance abuse program which includes random drug screenings.

Most noteworthy, the CFP safety commitment does not go unnoticed by our customers, many of whom have safety programs of their own. Customers know that an organization focused on safety excellence is highly likely to be a professionally run operation in every regard. Connor’s commercial and industrial craftsmen fit hand-in-glove with blue-chip companies because of our shared safety values.

Dow Dupont Global Safety Leader offers recognition

The zero-injury award was presented by Doug Condon, LEED AP and Dow Dupont Global Safety Leader at the annual CCS Awards banquet. Doug offered these words of recognition to Connor Fine Painting.

“The Agriculture Division of Dow DuPont is excited to be an Owner Leader at CCS. Connor Fine Painting shares many of our core values and commitments to protect the workforce and our community. We are extremely excited when organizations that share our beliefs and our worksites are recognized for their individual accomplishments. There is no greater award than the Zero Injury Award, congratulations! It is a pleasure doing business with industry leaders like Connor Fine Painting. Keep up the great work!”