While we handle a lot of commercial, industrial, and institutional maintenance painting work, we work with HOA’s, condominiums, and other residential properties with their maintenance painting as well. Recently, The Retreat at Carmel, Indiana really needed to refresh their condos’ exterior and started looking for a partner to make their goal a reality. The condominium association had hired a commercial painter the previous year, but unfortunately, were left with an end product that wasn’t sustainable and didn’t enhance the properties and their value. It resulted in failure and frustrated residents. 


After realizing they needed to have the painting redone, they knew to reach out to CFP because of our solid reputation as a high-quality painting contractor. We stand behind the products we use and the work that goes into creating a long-lasting finished product. We were ready to get started and help ease the pain they felt from the last paint job. 


Going into this project, our team of painters understood that they needed to be mindful and considerate of each unit. Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals were prepared to tackle the whole condominium complex, while paying attention to the details of each individual unit and the personal property associated with each. Our goal was to ensure consistency of the work across the property, while also being extremely courteous and working around each residential property’s unique decor and layout. Each resident’s patio and outdoor spaces were carefully protected and maintained throughout our process.  

Not only did CFP make sure to keep the “look” of the complex uniform and clean, we were able to improve each resident’s property value. We used a large, dedicated team of Connor professional painters from start to finish which The Retreat at Carmel customers greatly appreciated. They got to know the team and gave them consistently stellar reviews. The preparation, which included power washing surfaces to get them clean, scraping the old and worn paint, etc., is typically more time-consuming than the actual job of painting, but it’s a critical piece of what we do and why we consistently deliver value. We are always committed to doing the job right the first time.  


We only used top-quality products, including ones that will withstand the hot and humid summers as well as the cold and icy winters. However, just because good products are used doesn’t mean they will last unless they are properly applied. Our team of painters has been properly trained in how to use each of the high quality products we use, ensuring a quality application that will last. 


By adopting this mindful and careful mindset during this project, CFP was able to deliver on the needs of the individual residents as well as meeting the needs of the condominium association. The residents, property management company, and condominium association were thrilled! They were pleased with the professionalism, the quality of work provided, and the overall completed look. This was also a great way to increase and further maintain property values for years to come. The residents were also extremely pleased with the outcome and the care we took in protecting their possessions — some went so far as to provide a testimonial:

The next time you’re contemplating giving your exterior (commercial, industrial, institutional, or residence) a facelift, remember that we’re the experts and deliver quality every time. Contact us for more information or request a quote now.