Not really. But after reading all about writing effective blogs, it seems that titles matter  — a lot. For example, how willing would you be to read a Painting Contractor’s Blog entitled What Matter’s Most? Especially one where the author reveals that painting isn’t the answer to the question.  Don’t get me wrong. Painting ranks up there, especially when it’s done beautifully and efficiently.  But I wanted my first blog post on our new website to be a true reflection of What Matters Most to me.  Two newborn beauties, great-nieces Harlow Iris and Page Edington were born this month, November 2014. They make it easy for me to remember three things:

  1. Harlow and Page and all the young ones coming up in this world deserve our best.
  2. We’re at our best when we love one another, no matter what!
  3.  It’s the no matter what that’s the hard part, but it’s so worth it to put into practice, every day.

I’ll make an effort, in future posts, to write about caulk or making a great paint job last well beyond reason, or something more painting contractor-ish. But for this Thanksgiving, and for my first “official” post, I’d rather give thanks for the real stuff.

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