Safety will always come first on your job no matter if it is a residential, industrial commercial painting project. Connor Fine Painting is pleased to be recognized by the Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety (MICCS) as a SAFETY CERTIFIED painting contractor. This designation is given only to companies with demonstrated, high levels of safety achievement.

Jesus, Alejandro, Rene and Omar (pictured above) along with our entire professional painting staff and project management team recently completed Respiratory Protection and Fit Test Safety Training conducted by Kapena ONeal of RMS Safety.

The reason we use air-purifying respirators (APRs) when working with certain paint coatings is to keep our employees safe. APRs, when properly used, filter out from the air:

  • dust particles
  • solvents
  • isocyanates

It’s not enough to have the proper equipment.

  • The respirator must fit properly
  • the right filtering cartridges must be attached
  • the equipment needs to be worn consistently

Otherwise, its protective function is lost. A fit-test is necessary for each and every painter to ensure the mask forms a proper seal and the painter knows how to make any needed adjustments. When using an air-purifying respirator for painting, we use an organic vapor cartridge with a dust prefilter. We change cartridges and filters regularly to ensure the safest work environment possible.

Many new products, including paint with lower Volatile Organic Compounds (Low-VOC) and No Volatile Organic Compounds (No-VOC) are available. Connor Fine Painting project managers and our professional painters know paint! They are are at the top of the class in terms of understanding all the variables associated with selecting the correct coating for your industrial, office or home painting project.  As innovations in terms of paint quality, durability and safety become available, you can be certain that Connor will be among the first to know and to adopt these new paint technologies. In the mean time, Connor remains focused on keeping you, your employees and ours safe. Project managers will consult with you on proper safety protocols for freshly applied coatings. Contact us for more information and be sure to ask about our ongoing painter safety training program.

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