It is a great asset in life to see beauty in all things. And when beauty, elegance and safety converge on a Connor rooftop coating project — well — be still my heart.

The metal barreled rooftop sits atop the roof of a prominent Indy commercial building. The original green factory finish had faded and Connor was hired to paint the metal rooftop, metal window frames, and other metal surfaces corresponding to the project. The unique architectural design of the structure posed several engineering and safety challenges. Project Manager Brandon Whitehouse, Safety Director John White, and lead painter Jose Martinez put together a safety plan to ensure our painters’ safety.

A 65 foot articulating boom lift was used to access hard to reach areas. Safety harnesses and lanyards were tied off to anchor points making it possible to securely move across the barreled structure.

After a thorough sanding we used an epoxy mastic primer from PPG to promote adhesion and provide corrosion resistance. A glossy black urethane top coat made for an elegant and eye-catching finish. Beneath the aesthetically pleasing result is an extremely durable and corrosion resistant paint job.

Thanks to Jose Martinez, Daniel Cabrerra and Victor Gomez for another outstanding job; incident and injury free. Methodical work plus dedicated employees plus attention to detail equals a magnificent outcome.