Karen Steele

Clowes Memorial Hall of Butler University is grateful to the entire Connor Painting team for their expertise and assistance as we restored our venue prior to our 50th Anniversary. We had worked with Connor on a major plaster project as well as extensive wall painting throughout the years. We knew they were skilled, neat, courteous and efficient so we brought them on board for this challenge. The restoration project included 50-year old wood paneling that needed to be revived, and dozens of doors and ledges to be re-stained. We had miles of staircase and terrace guard railing, and hundreds of square feet of walls and ceilings to be painted. Connor worked closely with our other contractors to stay out of each the others’ way so they could all work simultaneously and keep the job moving. The team used 50’ and 105’ lifts to reach the highest points and the most awkward spaces in the building. All of the work was accomplished in less than 9 weeks. The result is absolutely beautiful and helps make Clowes the premiere performing arts venue in Indianapolis. We couldn’t be more pleased and proud. Job well done!